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Welcome to Moms of Glendora!
This group is also for Moms in LaVerne, San Dimas, Azusa & Covina.  
We are a social network dedicated bringing women together to help each other in our community.
Welcome to Moms of Glendora!
What began as an online yard sale in 2013 has evolved into a social network of women helping women.  If you are new to our commuity, you will find resources here on this page that will connect you to other women in our area.  

********PLEASE NOTE*******
If you are requesting membership in a MOG (Moms of Glendora) Group, you must have your location displayed on your facebook profile.  If we cannot figure out that you are a local by your profile, your membership request will be denied.  

Moms of Glendora online yard sale
where Moms like you can sell gently used or new items such as electronics, furniture, clothing, etc.  This is a MUCH safer alternative to online sites like CraigsList, Offerup, Close5, etc.  All of our members are local Moms like you.  
Its also much  more convenient that a traditional yard sale. 

**NEW** we have created an all baby and kid selling group.  It is called Moms of Glendora Kids Korner.

Moms of Glendoroa FREE online yard sale, where everything listed is completely FREE.  Think of this group like the old 'freecycle' of the 90's, where we are giving away items to keep them out of landfills or to give to someone that may be in need.    There are no rules to this group, it is at the sellers discretion as to whom they give to.

  Moms of Glendora Boutique and Small Business - where local Moms sell handmade & homemade crafts, foods and other items and can also promote their small businesses in the area.  

Moms of Glendora discussion forum is called 'The Real Housewives of Glendora'.   Ask mommy advice, get recommendations for local doctors, dentists, contractors, handyman, find babysitters, plan a moms night out and more!
 Moms of Glendora has a group where you can put in hours of labor and in turn, get help on large projects.
It is called 'The Real Housewives of Glendora Project Co-op'.

Want a fun night out?  Moms of Glendora has a Bunco group.  Its a dice game and we rotate hostess houses monthly.
Love to cook or need some inspiration?  Join our Recipe group!  
Need a workout buddy, a walking partner or some accountability?  Join us at Moms of Glendora Get Fit!

Moms of Glendora for Littles is a group where Moms of babies, toddlers & preschoolers can come together to arrange play dates
and get out and make new friends while the big kids are in school.

Homeschool Moms of Glendora 

Moms of Glendora, everything IEP's
for Moms of school aged children dealing with IEP's for their students

Neighborhood Watch group for residents of our area to share crime information.
San Gabriel Valley Gardening


The Chocolate Angel
Linda Millray

Owner & Chocolatier
 [email protected]

Moms of Glendora Real Estate (open group)
This group is open to all residents of Glendora and nearby communities to advertise real estate services, homes for sale, homes for rent, apartments for rent, rooms for rent and for those wanting to place 'In search of' ads for finding a place to live!

If you prefer to use Varage Sale, here is the link for the Glendora community (this group open to both men and women):

l https://www.varagesale.com/glendora-ca-buy-and-sell